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Hospitals partner with DCS for technical cleaning

Hospitals are partnering with DCS to provide technical inspection and cleaning of data centers, MDFs and IDFs. DCS brings an unprecedented level of experience, project management and reporting that our Hospital partners value as a key component of their standard preventive maintenance program. DCS services often identify points of failure before they become a problem.

Below are before and after photos of a Cisco Catalyst 4500. We routinely find this level of contamination on the equipment air intakes. This is usually the result of the positive air pressure in hospital environments causing contamination to enter the IDF through an improperly sealed door. This also occurs in non-hospital environments. So don’t think for a second your critical areas are immune to this contamination build up.

The potential of the above Cisco Catalyst overheating is just one of the many points of failure DCS often identifies. Switch fan lights, equipment mounts, cable management issues, rack doors, UPS sounds and lights are all inspected for integrity and stability.  Physical connectivity of PDU strips and all power management is also examined.  Leaking and/or faulty condensation lines from AC units and any other evidence of liquid found entering the closet is also checked.  Any and all information that may be detrimental to the optimal efficiency of each critical environment, including the presence of non-essential IT equipment, is documented and reported to management.

When is the last time you inspected all of your IDF closets? DCS would be thrilled to oversee such a project and take the burden off you and your staff.

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