Tacky Mats

Data Center Solutions' Low Profile, Contamination Control, Tacky Mats

• Made from incinerable polyethylene film, removes foot borne particulate before entering the cleanroom

• Seamless one-piece construction

• Numbered tabs provide easy identification and sheet separation

• Easy mobility for carts and wheeled machinery

• Polyethylene film contains a special anti-microbial agent providing long-lasting protection against bacterial growth

• Full coverage adhesive backing for adhering to the floor for use

• 2 case minimum order

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tacky mats

Mat Bases & Frames

Mat Bases and Frames are designed to allow users of adhesive floor mats to mount their mats to a movable base instead of being limited to securing the mat directly onto the floor.


Mat Bases are composed of Polystyrene with a non-skid backing layer.


Mat Frames are composed of anodized aluminum; the center of the frame is polyethylene. Both materials are inert and non-contaminating. Non-skid backing layer. Contact us today for a quote!