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At Data Center Solutions Inc., we are proud to be Partners and Vendors of the following high-quality product brands that we both install and sell. Contact us to discuss your project and pricing.

Airflow Management

Hot return air exhaust and cold supply air should be separated through effective airflow management and hot or cold aisle containment to make the operation of the data center more energy efficient. Data Center Solutions can help you determine the best solution for your data center.

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AisleLok modular containment solution and line of aisle airflow management products are specifically designed to block airflow, ensuring hot and cold aisle separation.

KoldLok raised floor grommets are specifically designed to limit bypass airflow by effectively sealing the openings in raised floors.

HotLok blanking panels are designed to control intake airflow in server racks.


Blanking panels seal openings in IT enclosures preventing hot exhaust air in the rear of the cabinet from mixing with cool supply air in front of the cabinet.


UL94 Polyurethane Foam - The most inexpensive way to close the smaller gaps in your raised floor environment. Pre-cut for easy installation in any size hole, it meets the requirements of Underwriters Laboratories Standard for Safety UL94 Classification HF-1 @ 0.06-inch thickness.


High CFM airflow panels are designed to provide maximum airflow distribution that fits into any new or existing raised floor system. Patented stratification fins provide increased upper server cooling, dropping server temperatures 5 to 15 degrees while lowering energy consumption in a matter of minutes.

IT Enclosures

Data Center Solutions can assist with the entire process of designing and installing IT enclosures. What you choose today could severely limit the future expansion and efficiency of your data center.


Legrand Server and Network Cabinets

Legrand provides flexible cabinet solutions designed to meet the needs of the most demanding environments. With the most frame styles available in either tubular steel, aluminum, or sheet metal, our cabinets provide an industry-leading standard in load capacities. Our turnkey manufacturing facilities offer complete fabrication from raw metal to assembly. With facilities on the east and west coast our customers enjoy shorter shipping distances and lead-times.

Power Management

Looking to upgrade to a reliable smart PDU, replace a string of aging batteries, or perform preventive

maintenance on your UPS system? Data Center Solutions has a trusted partner who can help.

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Rack Mount Power Distribution Units (PDU) - No matter your data center power needs from the Advanced HDOT Cx and the award-winning HDOT Alternating Phase Build Your Own Rack Mount PDU, to the feature-rich Switched POPS Rack Mount PDU to the basic Rack Mount PDU(s) Server Technology's Power Strategy Experts have you covered.

Contamination Control

Data Center Solutions specializes in keeping your data center clean with products that will prevent contamination from entering the white space.

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Tacky Mats - Data Center Solutions' Low Profile, Contamination Control, Tacky Mats are Disposable, Dry & Require No Frames. Tacky Mats help prevent contamination and particulate matter from entering controlled working environments. Each Tacky Mat is composed of multiple layers of tough, polyethylene film, coated with adhesive, laminated together into a stack. Adhesive layers have numbered tabs for easy sheet separation. When the Tacky Mat surface is contaminated, simply peel off the top layer and discard. AVAILABLE IN: White and Blue

Raised Floor Panels & Parts

A common challenge among our clients is with respect to locating replacement raised floor panels to match an existing floor system. We work with the leading manufacturers of raised floor products and accessories. Regardless of whether your floor is new or old, in most cases, we can find replacement panels, structural components and accessories needed to repair and maintain your raised floor system.

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Raised Floor solid panels, perforated panels, Pedestals and stringers - Data Center Solutions, Inc. will successfully identify, locate, and deliver new & pre-owned replacement panels and understructure components such as pedestals, stringers, edge trim, gaskets and other raised floor system parts and components to match your existing raised access floor system.

Raised Floor Tools – Suction cup lifters, perforated lifters, standing lifters, wall brackets