Raised Floor Panels & Parts

Replacement Raised Access Floor Panels​

Data Center Solutions, Inc. has a proven reputation for providing the highest level of customer service and developing trusted relationships with our clients. When faced with a challenge, data center managers trust Data Center Solutions to help them find a solution. A common challenge among our clients is with respect to locating replacement raised floor panels to match an existing floor system.

Data Center Solutions, Inc. will successfully identify, locate, and deliver new & pre-owned replacement panels and understructure components such as pedestals, stringers, edge trim, gaskets and other raised floor system parts and components to match your existing raised access floor system.

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Triad ICE Airflow

Airflow Panels

Data Center Solutions, Inc. has partnered with Triad Raised Access Floor Company to provide high-density airflow solutions to address data center and computer room hot spots for most imperial or metric raised floor systems.  Triad offers the only tiles on the market that offer "dispersed air flow" to the front of your servers.  This dispersion pattern offers superior cooling, improved thermal integrity and 7 feet of stratification.  Give your cooling system an upgrade by improving the efficiency of your airflow. Airflow Utilization Efficiency (AUE) is measured by comparing the supply air temperature to the temperatures at the top of the rack. For example, if supply air temperature is 65 degrees and temperature at the top of the rack is 80 degrees, AUE = 15. By managing to an AUE of 10 or lower, data center managers can reduce cooling costs by up to 40%.

Perforated Floor Panels

We work with the leading manufacturers of raised floor products and accessories. Regardless of whether your floor is new or old, in most cases, we can find replacement panels, structural components and accessories needed to repair and maintain your raised floor system.


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Parts & Accessories

panel lifter

Panel Lifters

Recently redesigned handle for Double 5" and Double 4" cup raised access tile floor panel lifters and pullers improves comfort and strength.  The sides of the hand grip and the bottom cross bar now have recesses which make the handle 13% lighter, a plus for anyone using the Lifter repeatedly; and the curved recess design actually strengthen the Lifters.The size of the panel lifter suction cup release bar has also been increased.  This will greatly reduce any bend that occurred in the previous model from users repeatedly using too much force to release the suction lifter. 


The Verti-Lifter is finely designed to be lightweight, simple to use and portable, while still being rugged. You will find that it makes repeated lifting of raised floor tile panels fast, easy, and safe.


Please specify length when ordering:

Over 6'2"- 37" length

6'2" to 5'9" - 33" length

Under 5'9"  - 27" length


Ships to lower 48 United States only.  Contact us directly for shipping to all other areas.


verti lifter
tile puller

Perforated Tile Puller

This handy hook puller is perfect for most styles of perforated or vented floor tiles. Made of a single piece of strengthened steel with a cushion grip T-handle, the puller allows for easy hooking and lifting. Just as important, the T-Handle will hang on any style of Wall Bracket that is used to hold your suction cup lifter, so it will be readily accessible when you need it.


The Perforated Tile Puller is intended for the momentary lifting of a floor tile and not for carrying the floor tile.

Red and White Striped Wall Bracket (lifter sold separately)

This model is made of strong metal, with press formed rounded corners that will fit evenly against any wall. It mounts with its longest side​ horizontally​, and attaches easily to your wall with 4 drywall screws that are included. The white powder coated metal bracket nicely holds Double Cup Floor Tile Pullers​ horizontally​. It is painted in highly visible and recognizable red and white stripes, which looks smart next to a hanging fire extinguisher.​​


panel lifter
panel lifter

Orange Acrylic Wall Bracket (lifter sold separately)

​​The most economical model that is made of lightweight and strong acrylic thermoplastic. It mounts with its longest side vertically, and attaches easily to your wall with 4 drywall screws and spacers that are included. The metal hook fits simply into the pre-drilled holes, and it safely holds any lifting tool that we offer. It is made in brightly colored orange to ensure that anyone can easily see it in case of emergency.​​​