Not only do we clean critical elements within a data center, but we also install them too. We partner with multiple manufacturers of the highest quality parts and equipment to ensure that the foundational components of your data center operation are working at peak performance.

We can manage the project management of any installation to oversee services from beginning to end with little involvement from your staff ensuring safe, effective and successful completion of installation services. We can also implement energy efficiency solutions (HAC/CAC, CFD, Airflow Mgt, IT enclosures, PDUs,) to decrease total cost of operations with a positive ROI.

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Structural Maintenance and Floor Repair

We conduct structural maintenance that includes inspecting accessible floor system components. We identify any problem areas underneath the floor such as water leaks, air leaks, or missing floor components. This often includes re-gluing any loose pedestals bases, replacing missing or damaged stringers, replacing missing or broken gaskets, adjusting panels that are not seated correctly and ensuring the level of the floor system.

In most cases we fix the problem with parts from your own supply in order to minimize costs and have parts that fit. If parts are not available, we document our findings and notify a member of your staff immediately to determine next steps.

We also partner with numerous manufacturers to provide you the best in floor construction. Whether you are building a new room that needs a raised floor to create a plenum chamber or you have rocking panels and gaps that need to be rectified, we have an experienced team of professionals and network of resources to meet your needs.

Hot / Cold Aisle Containment

We have the expertise and products to install your hot/cold aisle containment system. We can implement physical separation of the hot and cold aisles, using aisle end doors, hard wall panels, curtains and other airflow management solutions. We will collaborate with you to specifically design a plan for your data center.

aisle containment
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IT Enclosures

As an authorized reseller of Legrand products, we can not only install them for you but sell you their products.   The Legrand portfolio includes a wide range of enclosure types, from fully customizable, rack and stack, to configure-to-order cabinets.