Data Center Cleaning

The biggest concern we hear from data center managers is the fear of an inexperienced cleaning company causing downtime. Understanding the critical environment of a data center is what we do best. Our in-house, dedicated team brings years of experience and follows ASHRAE and ISO standards to cleaning your mission-critical environment.

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Underfloor Cleaning

Experienced supervisors are always onsite to maintain quality control. The underfloor and understructure is cleaned using intense HEPA filter vacuums that filter to .3 microns. All of our employees are trained to fully understand and respect the critical nature of the environment and to ensure proper care with removing and replacing panels, together with an inspection of the underfloor components. A regular preventive maintenance program will prevent the accumulation of dirt, dust and debris. Don’t allow your underfloor to look like this picture.

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Floor Surface Cleaning

We specialize in cleaning data center and computer room floor surfaces using techniques, products, and equipment appropriate for raised floor systems. Leading manufacturers and industry experts endorse frequent floor surface maintenance to remove soil and dust accumulations.

Equipment Cleaning

Dust that collects on sensitive IT equipment, even if electrically and chemically inert, can cause heat build-up simply through its thermal insulating properties. We take pride in the fact that cleaning your equipment is part of our full-service commitment. From the cable trays hanging from your ceiling, all the way down to the bases of your MDF rack, we can clean it all. Our process utilizes intense HEPA filter vacuums and lint-free cloths, which are moistened with anti-static solutions, safe for your data center environment.

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Post Construction Cleaning

Establishing a cleaning plan prior to construction is essential to protecting your investment. Cleaning needs to be ongoing during construction, migration and then a final clean.

Air Particulate Measuring

Per ASHRAE’s Gaseous and Particulate Contamination Guidelines for Data Centers, according to major IT equipment manufacturers, the number of data centers with contamination related failures is on the rise. ASHRAE recommends that data centers be kept clean to ISO 14644 Class 8. When is the last time your data center was tested to ensure compliance?

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Learn more about what server and switch manufacturers have to say about a clean data center environment.