Specialized Services

With any project, we follow a process to ensure our clients achieve the results they expect. From beginning to end, the Data Center Solutions team has a proven track record of success. Our preparation and planning are demonstrated in the onsite visit to the completion of the project. Ask for a referral.

During our on-site visit we will:


Gather all information for your project.


Discuss our findings and recommendations along with your requests.


Prepare a project proposal.

We believe through the reporting and documentation of our completed services; you will be confident in our work and gain the ability to prove to upper management how partnering with Data Center Solutions Inc has had a positive impact.

Learn more about our specific cleaning services:

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Data Center Cleaning

When is the last time you inspected the structural integrity of your floor system? When was the last time you evaluated the dirt, debris, and contamination in the underfloor, overhead cable mgmt, server cabinets? Have you ever inspected the above ceiling plenum? Is the airflow restricted due to clogged intakes? Perhaps it’s time you made an appointment to have a data center health check.

Network Closet Cleaning

DCS also specializes in cleaning MDFs, IDFs and Network closets. How long has it been since you’ve visited your IDF closets? Do you know what condition it’s in? Perhaps your busy schedule has limited your time out in the distribution center to check on your numerous network cabinets. Is it near the busiest aisle in the warehouse? When was the last time the filters were changed and the cabinet was cleaned? Whatever the case may be, those small but extremely important areas have been accumulating dust and dirt. And if immediate action is not taken, you may have a critical failure related to the high level of contamination.

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Command Center Cleaning

When was the last time the carpet and workstations were deep cleaned in this 24x7 space? Concerned about allowing janitorial staff to clean your highly secured area? Create a healthy working environment for your staff by hiring experienced professionals.


Contact us to install your next flooring, cabinet or energy efficiency upgrade.

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Learn more about what server and switch manufacturers have to say about a clean data center environment.