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Why Data Center Cleaning Is Important

Your IT and networking equipment are some of the most crucial and valuable assets to your organization. Are you treating them as such?  Maintaining their environment to the optimal level of efficiency and cleanliness should not be optional maintenance.


Regular cleaning and preventive maintenance of data centers and other IT environments is critical because neglecting dust, dirt and debris in the rooms can adversely affect operating efficiencies and ultimately cause IT failures, downtime, company revenue/profits.


Data Center Solutions can help you solve the problem of overlooking how dirty your data center environment is by identifying and removing the seen and unseen contaminants. A dirty floor and equipment intakes are more obvious but contaminants like ferrous metals and airborne particulates go unnoticed. These culprits need to be removed from the environment on a regular basis.

Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” In other words, if you put in a little effort to prevent a problem, you will not have to put in a lot of effort to solve the problem.

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We are a Data Center solutions company specializing in cleaning. We approach each client relationship as a partnership to provide cost effective cleaning services. We also source and install the highest quality technology solutions from leading industry innovators. We evaluate your facility based on ASHRAE and ISO standards and then create a customized preventive maintenance plan for your facility. We do not take our job lightly; we know that your investment in a Data Center cleaning service is really an investment in preventative maintenance and prolonging the life of your IT equipment/environment.

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We have nearly two decades of experience on over 1 million square feet of data centers annually with an in-house and trustworthy team of experts you will recognize each visit and clearly communicate with. Our process has been utilized since 1991 and provides superior results.