Network Closet Cleaning

Data Center Solutions also specializes in cleaning MDFs, IDFs, Technology Rooms and Network closets. We will manage the entire process of scheduling, access, tracking and reporting the preventive maintenance program of all IDF closets across multiple buildings and campuses.

Each closet and/or cabinet is initially evaluated for safety concerns and temperature. Switch fan lights, equipment mounts, rack fingers, rack doors, UPS sounds and lights are inspected for integrity and stability. Physical connectivity of PDU strips and all power management is also examined. Leaking and/or faulty condensation lines from AC units and any other evidence of liquid found entering the closet is also checked. Any and all information that may be detrimental to the optimal efficiency of each critical environment, including the presence of non-essential IT equipment, is documented and reported to management.

Exterior surfaces of all racks, switches, RPS’s, UPS’s, overhead cable management, wall mounted control panels and all other horizontal surfaces are thoroughly and safely decontaminated. Contaminated surfaces are vacuumed using HEPA filtered, RFI/EMI shielded, static dissipating vacuums, and then wiped clean using lint-free towels and anti-static cleaners that are safe for use on sensitive equipment.

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Keeping your closets free from dust, dirt and other contaminants can prevent their entry into equipment, which could cause overheating and unnecessary downtime.

We can also clean and change filters in your warehouse and distribution center NEMA cabinets. Are the fans near end-of-life? We can source and replace the fans.

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