IT Enclosures


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Configure-to-Order Cabinets

•Nexpand is a premium configure-to-order server cabinet platform that helps improve energy efficiency in the data center. It offers a highly configurable design with infinitely adjustable accessories and components and ready-to-ship parts that provide shorter delivery times and faster deployment.

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Rack and Stack

Rack and Stack Cabinets

•Designed for shipping with equipment pre-loaded, our T-Series and T6 cabinet platforms can be paired with our unique packaging and shipping solution, making them safe to ship fully loaded. The packaging solution has been tested to ISTA 3B for a 3,000 lbs dynamic load capacity and is available with everything needed to ship a fully loaded cabinet.

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Customizable Cabinets

•A unique cabinet solution for applications that require engineering services. Our engineering team will work with you to create a cabinet design to meet your requirements for the data center. Our in-house CAD design capabilities and automated cellular manufacturing facilities allow us to provide specialized products at competitive prices, with aggressive lead times.

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